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Gail Henderson

Gail Henderson

About me


My name is Sandra Gail Henderson, known as Gail, and I arrived in Angus, Scotland, from Oxford in 2006. That said, I am from Doncaster, South Yorkshire originally and still consider myself a Yorkshire Lass.

I have written poetry for many years, mainly lighthearted with a touch of humour if possible. Approximately two years ago I started a creative writing course and now read and write short stories as well as poetry.

This group is helping me to explore different genres and I’m excited to have the opportunity of not only sharing my work but also reading other people’s.

You can read more of my writing on ‘Gail’s Blog‘:

Some of my poetry has been published by ‘Whispers & Echoes‘.

My style is…

My style is familiar, sometimes childlike, sometimes humorous, personal and from the heart.

My style is sometimes just for family or friends and not to be shared but more often are able to be shared and will be.

My style is moving on from poetic to short stories and hopefully just moving on.

My style is easy, uncomplicated, and often just memories put down on paper for when I want to go back to a very happy place.

My style is emotional but only for those who share my experiences, I don’t intend tears, I much prefer a smile or a nod of recognition.

My style is quick and uncomplicated, my style is not filling a page with words that I struggle to comprehend why they have been put together in the way they have although I can appreciate the trouble some people go to to do just that. 
My style is old school.  I make no apology for that, I am old school!

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