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Britta Benson

Britta Benson

About me

I am a circus skills instructing German, a performer, writer and linguist, thriving in Scotland, my chosen habitat since the year 2000.

I write a daily blog. I also run the weekly writing group ‘The Procrastinators‘, develop new writing prompts for our group and try my best to keep this website updated.

I am currently working on my first poetry collection, ‘In Life’, a creative non fiction book called ‘Day One after Mum’, as well as several shorter works of fiction. I love experimenting with words, forms, characters and voices.

You can find out more about my writing by visiting:

Britta’s Blog – Letters from Scotland.

Or go to my daily poetry blog

Odds & Ends

Here’s a link to my list of publications and readings available online:

My style is…

My style is funny, sometimes awkward, quirky, messy, roundabout.

My style is me, my voice, I love to shout and then go quiet, watch and wait.

My style is colourful, but mostly autumn colours, I’m afraid. I try to push spring crocuses into my style, I’ll do it, when it comes, when I can, no pressure.

My style is grief, I had too much and not enough, I’m full and empty, never on the middle ground.

My style is family and laughter at the dinner table with jokes, only we get.

My style is a wiggly line that goes for long walks or sometimes hops into poetry, a happy stumble.

My style runs away with me on good days, better days.

My style is yet to come on a journey with me with not luggage, no strings or dates attached.

My style is a mirror, smiling back at me, saying ‘I told you so, away you go, my love and thrive.’

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